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okay but when you have holocaust survivors and people who were activists during the civil rights movement supporting mike brown and then KKK members and neo nazi’s supporting the officer you should be able to figure out which side is the right one.

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Autopsy report showed that mike brown had no drugs in his system and the store owners said that there was no robbery so what the fuck else do you racist ass whites want

Autopsy also showed that he had four shots in the arm as well as two in the head, meaning that the officer tried to use non-lethal force before resorting to lethal. Let’s remember that as well.

Let’s remember that guns aren’t non-lethal weapons. Let’s remember that being hit somewhere isn’t the same as the shooter having aimed there. Let’s remember that every page about gun myths and cops will point out that police never aim for the arms because they’re terrible targets and guns aren’t that accurate. Let’s remember that most of the shots including the ones in the head came while the child was on the ground, and so let’s imagine the chain of events that leads to a police officer using “non-lethal force” to put him on the ground and then standing over him and emptying his weapon.

Our white U.S. culture in general and police culture specifically trains us to see young Black men as threats while also making it acceptable to use massively disproportionate force in dealing with them. Let’s remember that.

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t h e r e   i s   n o   m i d d l e   g r o u n d

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2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

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NO PHOTOS / 4/28
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Ezra stands on his tip toes so hard that he launches into space


Ezra stands on his tip toes so hard that he launches into space

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